Friday, October 19, 2012

Sexy Back

This morning I took my first dance class in many years – probably 15 to be exact.  And it was awesome.   I don’t think you could tell by looking at me, but I was rocking my inner goddess.  After 9 months of a twin pregnancy, two months of sleepless nights and spit up on mostly all of my clothing, this girl was ready to bring her sexy back.  Now you don’t have to be a new mom to understand what I am saying.  We have all been through times in our lives where our inner sexy selves felt trapped leaving us wondering where we had gone. 
This got me thinking about ways we bring that side of ourselves out, our inner goddesses, our inner gods– how do they make their way back?  Some people find it by wearing red lipstick, drinking a glass of wine, wearing the perfect outfit, working out, intimacy, a date night and the list could go on.  The great thing about bringing your sexy back is that it can be your own little secret. No one else has to know that you are bringing your sexy back.  That mystery in and of itself makes it completely sexy.

The best part of whatever helps you bring your sexy back is that it radiates from the inside out.  The dance class, the red lipstick, the perfect outfit, that glass of wine – it isn’t about showing the rest of the world that you are a sexy being.  It’s about you setting your inner god or goddess free.  What could be sexier than that?

Until Next Time.
Find the Love.  Live the Life.  Love the Life you Live.

With love,


  1. Awww! How cute are those twins! Congrats! Not sure if you remember me but we took a writing class together last summer and we have the same bday, I think. Any how, congratulations and I completely understand how you feel. I'm currently seven months pregnant and trying to maintain my sexy!
    Wishing you nothing but the best!

    1. Of course I remember you!!!! You had such a great children's book idea (Hair?)!! Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! Parenthood is such a beautiful thing - you are going to love it!! Thank you for your continuing support and hope all is well =)