Friday, July 20, 2012

Life Genius Playlist

My genius playlist.  If you're wondering what that is - it's a cool way that iTunes allows you take a favorite song of yours and use it to create a playlist of songs similar to that one.  You just pick a song and let genius work its magic.  I'll admit, it's my new addiction.  I love to see what plays next and have my inner ratings of whether the genius mixer is so genius.  Today, the genius mixer performed its magic.  The song I chose, Wait Till you See Me Smile, by Alicia Keyes was humming in my head and naturally I had to play it.  Then almost every feel good song in my music library played.  I couldn't stop smiling.  Music is definitely a way to this girl's heart. 

It made me think about life and how cool it would be to have a genius playlist for life.  You pick a memory, emotion or action you want to play out and then poof, your life is play by play, figured out and you like it all.  It's genius.  It's your life genius playlist.  Sounds very tempting, right?  Imagine if the one thing you have been dreaming of whether in relationships, career, family, spirituality or health had a musical track and all you had to do was pick it and the rest would be laid out for you. 

Well, here's what I think, the universe already does that. We just don't always see it.  Life is all about choices and what we choose to focus on.  Every decision we make is all part of our genius playlists.  We just have to trust the process.  Think about it, when you make a decision like put yourself out there on a dating website, join a book club or finally make it to the gym, you set in motion your own life genius playlist.  In other words, by making a decision or choosing, you set in motion your intention, give it action and put it out there in the world.   Then the universe listens and believe me that is when your life genius playlist arises. 

So, while we may not see exactly what our life genius playlists are, know that there is genius working all around you if you let it.  

Until Next Time... 

Find the Love.  Live the Life.  Love the Life you Live. 

With Love, 

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