Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Decision Paralysis

I was at Whole Foods the other day and found myself staring into the glass cabinet of baked goods. There was everything from regular croissants to vegan chocolate chip cookies to regular chocolate chip cookies to vegan cupcakes to blueberry muffins to vegan brownies.  For a girl with a sweet tooth, you could imagine my decision paralysis.  While I never had eaten a vegan chocolate chip cookie, I knew that the ingredients in it could potentially be better for my body – no dairy, perhaps anti-inflammatory and containing chocolate chips made of the recommended 70% cocoa.  On the other hand, my favorite baked good was staring at me, the good old chocolate chip cookie – so reliable and always delicious.  

As I stood there for a good 15 minutes, my mind kept going back and forth on which one I would purchase.  Then something clicked for me, this very decision reminded me a lot about decisions in life – do we pick something that is good for us even though we don’t know the outcome or do we choose what we know is reliable?  Do we take the risk and try something new or go with what we already know?  Is it just more comfortable to pick the more reliable situation, guy, path, job, or even cookie knowing exactly what we will get?  

Clearly the answer lies in asking ourselves what we are ready for?  What we are willing to risk or do?  What and who we are willing to bet on?  Perhaps it would be risky to try the vegan chocolate chip cookie.  Maybe I would not like it.  Maybe it would take a few bites to really enjoy the natural ingredients, the richer chocolate bites or the lack of dairy in the cookie.  Maybe I would never know any of this without trying it.  Maybe I would even love it.   And so it goes in life – sometimes we have to take the risks to find what we love even if we are unsure of the outcome. 

In case you are wondering, I went for the vegan chocolate chip cookie and it is now my new favorite!

Until next time…
Find the Love.  Live the Life.  Love the Life You Live. 

With Love,

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