Monday, June 13, 2011

Birkenstocks and Chocolate Cake

There are objects in this world that represent far more than we could imagine. They trigger moments that evoke emotions and cause us to be mindful of our most treasured memories. Whether it is memories of our younger years when we did not care that it was getting too dark because lightning bugs were still outside to be caught or those days when we were happiest being absolutely carefree at any age. I relish in those memories and relive them all the time. You may think I am blessed, but I think it is simple for all of us to bring about such happy and positive feelings. The triggers are just different for each of us. Whether it is visiting a country where people wear your favorite childhood shoes or waking up on your birthday and deciding to have some chocolate cake for breakfast, it’s not the actual objects that evoke the emotions, it’s what they stand for.

My most recent encounter with this was buying a new pair of Birkenstocks which reminded me of my summers at camp. Summers at camp remind me of a carefree time where you could be 100% yourself because eventually everyone would figure you out. You learn that who you are, is exactly who you should strive to be. You learn that you are wonderful and exciting just the way you are. You make beautiful friendships that last a life time and you learn that there is more to life than the actual Birkenstocks you “had to have” for your summers at camp.

The chocolate cake symbolizes a day every year I get to celebrate me, my birthday. Not in a narcissistic way, but in a reflective way. I celebrate how far I have come and dream of all that is to come. I genuinely feel lucky to be able to celebrate every single year for all of our days are numbered. It is a day where even I would agree that it is acceptable to have a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast (with coffee instead of milk) and just indulge in everything that is us. Whether its chocolate cake or a day at the beach or finally getting to the spinning class you have been trying to get to. Whether you celebrate with friends and family or celebrate alone. It is all a celebration of all that is us. It is one day of the year where we put our judgments of ourselves aside and just be.

So what are your Birkenstocks and Chocolate Cake? Does anything you see or do represent a memory or evoke feelings that just make you feel good and let you just be? I know we all have them. They are the keys to our memories and often represent the memories that are still in the making. Ultimately, it is not about the Birkenstocks or the chocolate cake. It is about the small stuff that really brings out the big stuff. Isn’t that what life is all about?

I would love to hear what your Birkenstocks and Chocolate Cake are - please share.
Until next time…

Find the love. Live the Life. Love the Life you Live.

With Love,

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