Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Power of No

I will admit it I am self help book junkie. I love reading about ways to empower myself and learn who I am through other people’s stories and ideas. I sometimes have to laugh at myself because I am reading so many different perspectives yet wonder when my sense of me will shine through. In what situations will I use the tools I read about, when will they work for me and when are they just interesting to read? I have concluded that it’s always important to challenge what I read and also make other people’s suggestions on how to live life work for me. This holds true whether I am reading Deepak Chopra or listening to advice from family or friends.

The key is to really make it your own. Most recently, my soul searching has been on high gear. My wings are fluttering and my antennas signaling. Miss Bee is literally on the loose. It feels so good and also feels so uncomfortable at the same time. This openness for joie de vivre has in a way blurred the lines for me of when to say yes and when to say no. The free spirited me wants to say yes to everything! Yet, I have recently discovered that there are times when saying no feels right too. In fact, saying no can be as empowering as saying yes. Knowing that you made the decision to follow your heart and say no with a whole heart is gratifying. Saying no to someone or something can be saying yes to you.

These situations happen for us all the time. For example saying no to a job that just doesn’t suit you or saying no to an outing with friends because that is your only time to hit the gym or saying no to continue dating someone because you just don’t feel it any more. I am sure you can think of many more situations where saying no just feels really good, but you get the idea. No can be a positive force in your life.

As we get older and our priorities keep changing saying no to someone or something can be empowering. I am not saying to never say yes, but I am saying to say no when you know you need to. We each have our signals of when something is not right. I always use my heart or the feelings in my gut to steer my wings. So what will you do when you are in a situation that doesn’t feel right? Will you have the courage to say no?

Share your thoughts. Shed some light to the world of no.

Until next time…
Find the Love. Live the Life. Love the Life you Live.

With Love,


  1. I love this posting. Saying no for me is extremely hard. I sometime take on too many projects at work, and cannot devote the full atention I should; or I take on too much at church, and cannot prioritize my personal time because I am constantly catching up. Saying no, is definitely part of growing up. It's prioritizing your time, and knowing what is more important to you... Pleasing others, or having your sanity?

  2. Keep remembering that you have control over your life. Your life is in your hands. If saying no, is saying yes to you, then all areas of life including work, church and your life will keep improving. Let your heart lead the way.