Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Journey

I am obsessed with Cinderella stories. I don’t think the theme of the story matters so much, I just like the idea that someone can overcome an obstacle and come out living a better life whether it’s a weight loss journey, coming out of poverty, finding love – it never gets old for me. In a way, we all have our own Cinderella stories because each of us is overcoming something. Some of you may think that your friend that looks like they have it altogether is not overcoming anything, but truth be told, we all have something. Some of us just deal with our obstacles differently.

This gets met to the title of this posting – Happy Journey. Happy Journey, Happy Journey, Happy Journey…. I absolutely love this! However, I cannot take credit for the title. For that, I will thank Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition (like I said before, I can’t get enough of these transformations!!). On a recent episode, the woman on her weight loss journey, after experiencing a year of transformation, proclaimed, “Now I am Journey Happy, not Destination Happy.” My heart jumped! I completely understood what she was saying.

We have this habit of thinking that we will be happy when we get what we want or when we reach our goals, but what about all the space in between? Why must we settle to be happy at the end of it all: when we finally hit our ideal weight, when we finally meet the person of our dreams, when we land our dream job, when we have our first babies, buy our first house – why must we wait to be happy then? If I recall, Cinderella had many friends and sang as she cleaned and took care of her mean step sisters. I think Cinderella was a Happy Journey kind of lady.

With this, I leave you the choice, what kind of happy are you? Are you Happy Journey or are you waiting to become Destination Happy? I choose, even though it can be hard, to be a Happy Journey kind of lady (just like Cinderella). Please share with us about your kind of happy.

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Until next time...

Find the Love. Live the Life. Love the Life you Live.

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