Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's all about Timing...

Depending on whom you ask, time can be our best friend and time can be our enemy. If you ask a person getting over heartbreak, they will say that things get better with each day. If you ask someone who is battling a disease they would say there is not enough time. Time means different things to each of us. This makes me think about phrases we respond to people when we are asked about our lives, like, “when it’s the right time” or “right now, it works for me” or “now is not a good time.” What does that even mean? Do opportunities and life’s milestones come at the right time or always work out exactly the way we view is the right time for them to?

Timing and Life – what does that mean to me? When I was younger I would imagine and hope that certain things would happen in my life at just the right age
and just the right time. At “18, I would be…” and at “27, I would be…” Interestingly enough, it has not all gone according to plan. I actually think it has all turned out better and keeps getting better. I have come to realize that milestones, life lessons and just life all happen at the time they need to. That’s life, isn’t it? I am now certain that each of our lives have their own clocks and their own time tables. All of our timing works for us. It’s all how we choose to view our time.

So we can all plan for things to happen in our lives at certain times and agonize over them or we can let time do what it does best, and let it just be time. It is precious and invaluable. We will never have enough and sometimes too much. It is what we do with our time and how we view time in our lives that truly defines what time means to us. So what will you do with your time? Will you let time rule how you live your life or will you be the ruler of your time? The choice is yours.

Until next time…
Find the Love. Live the Life. Love the Life you Live.

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