Friday, November 12, 2010

Biggest Breakthrough Moments

I don’t watch a lot of TV. Not that I don’t like TV, but in terms of prioritizing my time, it ranks low. I do have a few favorite shows though – one being the Biggest Loser. It is so inspiring to watch people make such huge transformations in their lives, not just losing weight but what they learn about themselves through the process. A great thing about the show is that it takes each person and gives them “TV time” when they are about have a break through or realize they are having a break through.

I started thinking how cool would it be to have a shining light on our break through moments? I wonder why those moments are not celebrated as much in our lives. Maybe we would all be a little happier if we rejoiced, even on the inside, when we realize that we are changing our lives and it is for the better.

So I started doing that for myself – just smiling when I have realized that a decision I made, as simple as passing up going to my favorite frozen yogurt shop because I am trying to lose a few pounds and as complex as making decisions that will change the direction of my life’s path, was made by me and for me. Those are my Biggest Breakthrough Moments and I celebrate them all.

I challenge you to start celebrating you own break through moments. Let the light within you shine bright and share your light with the world.

Until next time…
Find the Love. Live the Life. Love the Life you Live.

With Love,

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