Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Sense of Direction

One of my biggest flaws is my sense of direction. The only way for me to understand where I am driving or walking to, is by a landmark and to be honest, I have to know that landmark pretty well to make it there. Therefore, with my most recent car purchase, I insisted that navigation be included as part of my deal; A small price to pay for the countless hours of getting lost and the tears of frustration that go a long with that. I have to laugh because I should have a better sense of direction after living in the same place for 27 years, don’t you think? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Another thing that is not so simple, is navigating through life. Where is our sense of direction when we are thinking about life decisions and the changes we all go through, why don’t we come with navigations? What if you’re not sure of your direction or just get lost easily? What if you just have no sense of direction? I have heard this analogy before and just remembered that in a sermon I recently heard, the speaker compared navigation in a car and navigation through life, just like me. I guess only months after hearing this lecture did it all click for me – I wish I came with my own navigation system.

Then I got to thinking, maybe the universe does provide us with a navigation system, its just not always as clear as we would like it to be. The universe can only direct us when we choose to be open to what comes our way. Then we choose and hope that our sense of direction is clear. We hope that we trust ourselves enough to lead us in the right direction. This is all part of the journey of literally navigating through life. We may not be able to install navigation systems in ourselves, but we do have the ability to be more open to what the universe provides. We also have the ability to believe in ourselves more and lastly, we have the ability to relax our minds so that when we are forced to choose a path, we can listen to our hearts.

Until next time...
Find the love, Live the Life, Love the Life you Live.

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