Monday, October 11, 2010

The True Beauty of Living

I have been on a writing hiatus. I have just returned home from a three week adventure in southern Africa. It was incredible, unbelievable and mostly life changing. The life changing events unfolded all throughout my journey. In my trip to Robben Island, I learned how lucky we are to be able to think and express how we feel, within reason, and without repercussion. In the Samonga village in Zambia, I learned how lucky I am to have clean clothes, opportunity, to live without fear and how no material thing could replace the value of a community’s love, honor and traditions. In the log pile by the watering hole as the matriarch elephant approached, I learned to never underestimate the power of instinct. While watching a pride of lion hunt for its food, I learned that the animal kingdom may not be so different from the “human” kingdom. While swimming in a cage to view the mighty great white sharks, I learned that the world, even the underwater world, is so much more peaceful than we make it out to seem.

In all, I found that the world is a much bigger place that the “worlds” we live in. We all understand our experiences and see things one way for most of our lives. Then we have experiences that change you forever. Being a little scared, venturing out of your comfort zone and into the unknown – and then learning and growing from those experiences. This is what I have learned is the true beauty of living.

With Love,


  1. Best post! This was the main reason I moved! So happy to read this and looking forward to the next one! <3

  2. Me Too! I am happy that you have found the true beauty of living - it is something to celebrate!