Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Forgiving Ourselves...

We all strive for our own different goals. They range from weight loss to getting our dream jobs to finding love to making friends to being perfect parents to an endless list. What makes each goal unique is that it is your own. No one understands why you have it, how you are going to get there and the stumbling blocks along the way because the journey is yours. I think we live in a society that is obsessed with conformity – that you can connect with someone because your journeys to your goals are the same. While I agree that our goals can be the same, our journeys are VERY different.

People are different. It is what happens along our journeys, how we deal with our triumphs, how we deal with setbacks, and how we deal with the days when we just don’t want to deal that makes our experiences exclusive to us. So, what happens to you when you just don’t feel like it? Do you forgive yourself? Is the goal still there even when you have these feelings?

I hope you answered YES! Part of the journey is forgiveness in those moments. That does not change the goals we have for ourselves. It just simply means that we are human. I know it’s easier said than done – I may be the ultimate example of that. Believe me when I say that forgiveness, especially when it’s geared towards ourselves goes a long way!

You see things more clearly. You are more motivated to accomplish those goals. You can reflect on your feelings and the impact on your ulimate goal. Forgiveness is a powerful tool and I implore you to use it on your number one fan, you! I promise that you will get to where you want to be when you smile a little more, take a little pressure off and know that tomorrow is a new day.

Until next time
Find the Love…Live the Life…Love the Life you Live.

With Love,

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