Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sticks and Stones...

I had an interesting morning. I was on a short vacation and came back to a busy morning. I was in the courthouse and was waiting for my hearing. It was very busy for many of us and I decided to use the ladies room while I had the time. I hurried up and walked down the hallway when I heard a female bailiff say “Excuse me Miss.” At first I didn’t turn around, there were a lot of people around. She said it again and then I realized it was me. I turned around and she asked, “Where are you going?” I said the ladies room and she said, “well you’re going the wrong way.” I said “oh ok, thank you.” Then she made a nasty remark – kind of something a long the lines of how rude I was being and I replied, “I am sorry if I offended you, I just was going to the bathroom.” She made another remark which I did not hear but then as I walked away I heard her and her bailiff friend laughing. It made me feel bad and a little embarrassed because of all the people around, but I just kept walking with my head held high. I honestly was as polite as I could be and I just felt that the bailiff was bullying me because she could. After feeling a little upset, I got more angry thinking about the fact that there is so much hatred in this world, why would someone pick on a grown woman. I don’t get it.

The most wonderful part of it all was that on my walk back, a man who had seen the whole thing asked me if I was ok – just like that. I smiled and said, “I’m ok – words don’t hurt me.” We both smiled and I continued on with my day.

I did not let someone’s mean words or condescending tone get to me today. I believe outwardly but also believe inside that words cannot and will not hurt me. Why should I let someone’s perception of a situation turn into a negative feeling for me? I never understood why my mentor would tell me, “no one can make you feel anything.”

Today was my test… and now I am true believer.

With Love,

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