Monday, August 23, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

The thing about summer is that for all the beautiful weather we get, we also get lots of rain and threats of looming hurricanes. I was looking out my window and wondered, what happens when it figuratively rains in our lives? Are we raining inside, is there thunder and lightning? Do we get scared because of the internal loud boom? Do we let water out through our eyes?

Life and weather are very similar. Some days we have bright sunny, not in the cloud days. Some days it’s too hot to bear, some days the storm just won’t pass and other days it is so cold, we turn numb. There are also those days where we wake up to sunshine and a big dark ominous cloud comes rushing in that no weather man could predict. Even as I write this, the two become completely intertwined - Am I talking about weather or am I talking about our lives and how we feel every day?

Take rain for example – its hard to get through sometimes. We don’t want to get out of our beds, we don’t want to drive or walk any where or we feel completely relaxed by the sound of the rain splashing on our windows and roofs. Then, out comes a beautiful sun and that entire mood completely shifts, with a rainbow to boot.

Usually, if we can pull ourselves out of it, the storms in our lives also pass and we eventually smile and open our hearts and minds to the possibility of happy, problem-free, sunny days. Think about your life, what is going on in your life right now and compare that to the weather right outside your window. What are you feeling? Share the weather happening in your life.

Remember life is interesting and emotions are complicated – maybe to understand what you’re going through, simplify. We have our own storms, we have our own beautiful days and it all passes.

With Love,

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