Friday, August 27, 2010

I could use a crystal ball...

Why is it that the people who follow their hearts are the most punished for it? The punishment is strictly internal and nothing really to do with the outside world. Are we martyrs, do we like the pain or are we trying to make our lives more interesting?

I think when we follow our hearts, it always feels good. We make the right decisions from our own perception in those moments in time. The problem sometimes is that those decisions are made in moments and those moments always have an after-math where we question in our minds why we chose to do what we did. Truthfully this could relate to most decisions we make in our lives whether it’s in love, our careers, with friends, our families, our bodies, our minds and the list could go on.

I am definitely someone who always looks back at the decisions I make, not in regret but to analyze the repercussions and just REFLECT. This is why I almost always use my heart and my feelings when I make a decision or actually do something because honestly my own thoughts can be rather torturing. It’s crazy to think that over-thinking could actually be harmful or ultimately lead you to a path your heart would not have taken. So sometimes I wish for a crystal ball so that my thoughts could corroborate my feelings and my feelings could corroborate my thoughts – where the universe would align just for me, to ensure I am making the “right” decisions.

Now…wouldn’t that be nice?!? Or would I be completely missing the point of life and the journey we are all on? Hmmm…something to think about... If you could have it, would you want your own crystal ball? Please share your thoughts, join me on this journey…

Until next time – find the love, live the life, love the life you live.

With Love,

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