Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life's Perceptions...

As we all go through life different events happen to us on a daily basis that we are forced to take in, understand and decide what to do with. Our reactions depend greatly on what the event is. In case you were unsure, perception is a way of understanding or thinking about something.

So what are these events and what are our own perceptions of those events. Obviously this can apply to any part of your day or life but let’s single out finding love.

When we are at the beginning stages of looking for love, we often grasp onto any word of the person we are interested in because we want to believe that their perception of what is going on is that same as our own. Or what if you are in a serious relationship and you believe that it is heading towards marriage, but the other person in the relationship likes things just the way they are. In both of these situations, I wonder, are we seeing or believing what is reality or are we just living out our own life’s perceptions?

I think about perception often and believe that our entire worlds and who we are is usually based on our own perceptions of ourselves – which if positive, is a wonderful thing. I would hate to think that we would ever live our lives based on other people’s perceptions of us but I would also hate to think that we live in denial based on our own life’s perceptions.

This is deep, I know. But you see, we all have ways that we perceive life events – it’s all about taking things in stride and realizing that our perceptions of our own realities may be our own truths, but not what others see. If you take that information and try to see things from other people’s perceptions or exactly for what they are, you may realize that you may save yourself a lot of heart ache by actually mustering up the courage to share your perceptions to the person who may need to see it most.
With Love,

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