Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peeling the Layers...

I constantly live in a state where I search for improvement to live the best version of myself. This mainly includes my insides but I will admit that that includes taking care of my outside as well. So last Friday I decided to try a skin peel. You know the kind where the skin on your face literally peels off for a few days leaving you with glowing, fresh skin. Sounds amazing, right? Well it is… But I must share my experience.

For a few days I was glowing and looked like I had the best tan ever. Then starting yesterday my whole face starting peeling and I would have to explain to anyone I ran into that knows me, that I did a peel and that is why I looked like this. Then I thought – what if my skin always looked like this or what if I was marked by something else for all the world to see, would I be explaining myself then?

Today I was at Publix and at the checkout line, both women, the cashier and the bagger kept smiling at me and were so friendly to me. Now, they could have just been friendly women which is completely refreshing, but then I remembered the skin on my face is 10 different colors. Maybe they were being nice because they thought something was wrong with me. I obviously would like to think that people are just nice, but the more cynical side of me made me started laughing because they must have thought something was wrong with me, especially because I carried myself with confidence and calmness, even with such discolored and flaky skin.

I wonder what my life would be like if I had a permanent physical marker where people would just be nice because they thought I had some ailment or perhaps gawk at me because they didn’t like what they saw. Aside from that I also believe that even with physical, visible ailments, that the energy we put out into the universe or to those around us can be received. And as the law of gravity dictates what is sent, must come back. So – by putting positive energy out into the universe, whether through a humbling confidence, just smiling or acting gracefully, even with peeling facial skin, it is possible that even the cashiers and baggers at grocery stores will wish you a good day and smile right back at you.

Start Smiling, Start Living… Live in Love.

With Love,

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