Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brains vs. Guts

Interesting title, I know. It really arose when I was thinking about the decisions we make in our every day lives. When do we use our gut feelings and when do we use our rational, analytical and sometimes critical brains? I know for me, it depends on the situation but generally, there is a balance between the both. Ultimately, I think the better decisions are made when you let there be a balance and don’t let one rule you too much.

Sometimes, especially if you are the type A kind of individual, you over rationalize and over-think and miss out on your gut feelings or what your heart is telling you. The opposite of that are the more type B types of individuals who do not use enough of their rational thought processes in making decisions.

So how do you know when to use one over the other? This may take some experimenting and patience with understanding yourself a bit more. My most recent occurrence of realizing the imbalance of my own guts and brains was when I was deciding on whether to launch my health coaching business. My rational brain was telling me to stay where I am and hold off on it, but my feelings were guiding me towards doing the work I love. In this case, I needed to listen to my gut and feel my feelings because I was letting my brain get in the way of what the universe was opening up to me. This is the guts vs. brains intuition in full force.

So think about the decisions you make in your own life, whether day to day, big or small and figure out if you are letting your brain or gut feelings rule you. Learn more about yourself, be open to the universe guiding you and trust me, your best life will happen before your eyes.
Love the Life you Live.

With Love,

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