Thursday, July 29, 2010

Green Drink Girl

Sometimes I wonder if we really know the kind of person we are or what defines us. I am always perplexed and plagued by the fact that we label ourselves and identify ourselves as one type of person; for example, a lawyer or a secretary or a sales representative or a manager or a consultant. Why do we define ourselves by that one thing? Could you ever see yourself as being defined by something else?

As many of you know, I am into eating naturally, wholly and healthy. I don’t like the fake stuff! I was introduced to the idea of eating greens (not just iceberg lettuce) through my coursework and research and started adding spirulina to my all natural fruit smoothies. If anyone of you have ever had spirulina, you will know that it looks pretty nasty – it makes your drink green! Now if you have never had one, you would probably think it is gross.
I know this because I used to be one of those people.

Then this morning I saw a gym regular who said hello to me in passing and said, “Hey, it’s the green drink girl!” I started laughing to myself. She must be noticing that almost every morning after my workout, I head to the juice bar and order a # 10 (grapefruit, orange, strawberry and banana) with spirulina. When did I become the green drink girl? How could I not laugh at the fact that this person knows nothing about me except that I order green drinks!

This brings me to what defines you. I never thought anyone would look at me and think “wow – I can’t believe that girl is so healthy she is drinking a green drink.” But today, someone defined me as the green drink girl. So you see, we can all be different people and have different identities to the world. I say, just follow your heart, don’t label yourself, and know that whatever you are doing for yourself will shine though. It may not define you or even label you, but remember you never know who is watching.

With Love,

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