Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's About You...

I was having a conversation with a friend about putting yourself out there. We were discussing about being scared of what other people may think of us when we do something, write something or say something that another person may not agree with or approve of. This got me thinking, who are these people?
Why do they make us afraid of who we are?

I started thinking about myself. The figurative road I am travelling and the journey of life I have learned to embrace. Am I ever really scared? The answer is YES! I am human and being scared has made me push myself more. Being scared has opened up the opportunity to challenge myself and allow myself to reach my potential. A long with this emotion come those thoughts in my head –
“What will they say?” “Is that what they expect of me?”

Who are they and why do I care? I could never stop caring but I have learned that the “theys” are people I don’t want to care about anyway. There will always be people who don’t agree me and will judge me, but that does not mean I should judge myself. I have come to realize that BEEing myself is the greatest gift I could give myself.

So my BEE followers – it’s really not about them, it is completely ABOUT YOU. Think about your fears or what you are not doing or hiding because you are scared of them? Focus on you and not them. What areas of life can you apply this to? I would love to hear your thoughts so please share!

Until next time…
Find the Love. Live the Life. Love the Life you Live.

With Love,

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