Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Breathe...

When was the last time you took a big, long, deep breath? Have you ever done a breathing exercise or literally moved with your breath? I ask this question because I find myself forgetting to breathe, figuratively. Of course,my magnificent body can breathe all on its own without me even thinking about it. Yet, in moments of tension where I feel like I cannot breathe, I think about it. I start looking for my breath. Do you know what I mean?

It clearly is psychological because I know my lungs have the capacity to breathe on their own. It happened today. I got overwhelmed and I automatically took a deep breath, but it did not seem conscious. Maybe it’s my body’s way of telling me to relax and to remember that it will all work out. Yet, in that moment, I just felt short of breath, nervous and anxious. During that moment, it almost felt like I couldn't control whatever it is that is making me anxious.

I have noticed those moments happening more frequently than they used to. This has forced me to look beyond those moments. Those moments have forced me to look inside myself and search for places inside which make me scared because of what I might find.
Or at that moment, I just don’t want to go there.
I decided, however, it’s the body’s way of telling you to just chill out.

This is what is curious about an exercise or the practice of Yoga. It’s not just about attaining a fit body, but also about listening to your breath, listening to your body, learning about your body and combining the two. Perhaps this concept extends to every breath you take. Both the long, extended, anxiety ridden breaths and long, extended breaths
that fill your body with life.
What is your breath telling you? What is your body telling you?
What are you trying to find in yourself?

So I leave this message in your hands and request that you listen to your breath, take deeper longer breaths more frequently and that you uncover more about yourself from those moments where your breath slows you down.

Find the Love. Live the Life. Love the Life you Live.

With Love,

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