Sunday, October 16, 2011


It is fall. The season of leaves changing, fashion at its height and the anticipation of the holidays arriving. It is a time where we cannot wait for Christmas music to be played on the radio or decide who we will be for Halloween or where we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. I think it is underestimated as one of the most beautiful seasons of the year (even more so, when you live in a climate with seasons). In my eyes, I see it as a time for anticipation of all the celebrations to come.

Don’t we all love a good celebration? And what makes a celebration a great one? Is it the family and friends and love that surround us? Or is it the good food or the new outfits? Whatever it is, I know one thing is for sure, the anticipation is sometimes even better than it actually happening. Funny thought, isn’t it?

Is it that way with everything? Is it the actual journey to the celebration or is the destination we celebrate more exciting? It’s all a matter of perception. When we look at life this way, we probably spend most of our lives on the journey wondering whether reaching the destination is actually worth it. But in life, the truth is our destinations are constantly changing. Who we are and what we want is constantly changing. It’s how we see those changes and how we react that really makes the journey way more exciting than the destination.

Our time is limited and we have so much to learn about ourselves. Therefore, we must celebrate the milestones on our journeys. We must celebrate with our friends and families and surround ourselves with love every chance we get. Luckily, there are always parts of a year that keep us anticipating for celebrations no matter where we are on our life’s journey. In October, it is marked by the change in weather and the thought of literally FALLing into celebrations.

Until next time…
Find the Love. Live the Life. Love the Life you Live.

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